May 27, 2017

The DARK MILLENNIUM draws near!

The new edition of Warhammer 40k is upon us!

The galaxy is torn asunder as Primaris Marines, forged from the fires of Mars, clash with the plague ridden Death Guard, swollen on power from the warp!

Power 9 Games has you covered with a 15% off pre-order special on ALL starter products, leading up to the big launch day on the 17th!

In addition to the awesome collection featured above, we'll have all the new faction rules with our freshly minted 8th edition Indexes!

 Order your copy in store, our through our website in the featured section above!


Still hungering for more 8th ed. swag? Games Workshop has released a suite of new objectives, counter, and accessories to welcome in the new release! 

 So what are you waiting for?! Our preview event for the new edition kicks off Saturday, June 3rd, where we'll have demo sets and rulebooks on hand.

Come by and trial run the new edition for yourself!

See you soon!