Januar 7, 2021


When we launched our new blog initiative, I struggled to figure out what it was I could write about. Dawson has a handle on all things across the tabletop, and Henry is a wizard with cards, but what could I discuss that might be of interest? So, I asked.

The answer I got was that you guys are as curious about what goes on behind the scenes with your favorite companies as you are with what happens on the table with your favorite games. So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on the year that was: the highs, the lows, the changes we saw in our industry, and what we can expect in the coming months.

Despite the challenges of 2020, there are some niches within our industry that performed exceptionally well. The rise of 3-D printing, etsy, various independents and third-party platforms threatened the position of “mainstream” companies, and, in many cases, these companies rose to meet that challenge.

Accessory companies (the guys who make your deck boxes, sleeves, dice trays and playmat tubes) have managed to stay relevant in an era where infinite customization is just a click away. The quality and personalization you can pick off the shelf that complements your favorite style and hobby of choice has never been higher. 

Brand name tabletop miniatures, once thought to be on the brink of extinction, have held strong throughout 2020. We are still a generation away from personal 3-d printers matching the execution of the professional injection mold, and while the race is on, the divide remains intact.

The nature of 2020 has also seen a boon in the collectibles market, with nostalgia, isolation, and access all contributing to a rising tide for card games and blind boosters of all types.

It’s not been all roses and sunshine. Surprisingly, some of the biggest failures of 2020 came from some of its biggest players. Corporate giants have dropped the ball time and again, causing a trickle-down effect felt most keenly by those on the bottom. I have often said our industry is decades behind the rest of the world, and this year proved the tenuous nature of the systems and operating procedures used by the most popular household names. 

Games Workshop, Asmodee, and Hasbro have both the experience and infrastructure to have predicted and alleviated some of the challenges posed by COVID-19, yet their supply chains were, and continue to be, impacted in a more substantial manner than many smaller independent entities. Avoidable production issues and poor management decisions have created absurd product scarcities in a season already known for delays.

That’s a lot of text, and we’re just starting to scratch the surface. If this topic is of interest I’ll happily revisit it when my turn comes around next.


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December 31, 2020



Hey guys, Dawson here, and today I want to ask you a question: What’s better than an eight foot tall bio-engineered killing machine? A sneaky one.

Warhammer 40k is all about scoring objectives and seizing territory, and the Interdiction Legion Battleforce box comes with all kinds of great toys to help you push forward and control the board. Let’s break down the elements of this box and see how they function together! 

Starting off our early game we can use Primaris Infiltrators to center our line and stop any deep strike or teleportation shenanigans from getting the jump on us and starting combat before we’re ready. Denying that much area forces our opponent to concentrate their fire on that single unit before they can even THINK about enacting their own game plan. The Primaris Reivers complement our Infiltrators, providing a fantastic screen to keep them alive so we can continue our area denial and positional dominance.

Now we come to the two heavies in the box, the Primaris Impulsor and the Primaris Invictor Warsuit! Let’s start with the Impulsor: This absolute brick of a transport can take a 5+ invulnerable save for only a few extra points, making it one of the harder nuts to crack for its value. This allows it to move up and contest objectives, or deliver a unit of Assault Intercessors into the fray! All this is backstopped by the fast and deadly Warsuit; a tough, hard hitting, and incredibly quick model that can force your opponents to react to it or get punished by it.


All in all, GW has done a really fantastic job using this box as an on-ramp to getting a sizeable Primaris army, or finishing up the job started with either the new Combat Patrols or Indomitus boxed sets.





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December 24, 2020


Hey guys, my name is Henry, and I absolutely hate MTG finance. Let’s dive in!

MTG finance is a fickle beast that requires diligent observation to stay relevant. That’s a lot of work I don’t want to invest in. That said, it's not too hard to see what product is worth the price tag, like the upcoming Kaldheim Set Boosters. 



Now, Set Boosters aren’t for everyone. If you are a drafter, or playing on a budget, then you will want to stick to Draft boosters. For everyone else (especially those opening boxes for singles!) I would recommend buying Set Boosters, specifically for the additional rare options and“THE LIST.” 

What is “THE LIST?” In short, it is a throwback to powerful cards from Magic’s history. Full update and card list can be found by following this link.



Kaldheim will be the second time we see Set Boosters, and it's already looking to promise even better value! WotC released their changes to “THE LIST,” which adds 10 cards over $10 (including 3 over $20), while only removing five (none of which over $20). Add this to an exciting plane full of vikings and Phyrexians, and even as a drafter I’m sorely tempted to grab a Set Booster for myself!





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