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Star City Games Invitational Qualifier (1k) - Pioneer

Star City Games Invitational Qualifier (1k) - Pioneer

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Entry: $35
Format: Pioneer, Competitive REL
When: Saturday, January 11th, at 11 am


Join us on Saturday the 11th, 2020, at Power 9 Games and compete in our Star City Games Invitational Qualifier! Win some serious cash prizes and exclusive swag, and earn a spot in the next SCG Invitational!

A SCG Invitational Qualifier (often called a 1K) gives you the chance to play against some of the region's best, awards $1,000 in prizes, SCG Points, exclusive playmats, two invitations to the next Star City Games Invitational, Star City Games Personality tokens, and more!

The format for the event will be Pioneer, and games will be played at the competitive REL level with deck lists required. Check-ins beginning at 10 am and an event start of 11 am. See you there!

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