Our weekends are becoming so consistantly packed that I am having problems posting up every event for each weekend here. First world problems, am I right? So the new plan is just to post one or two events here and let you check them out. If you are curious about our full schedule you can check our event page at or our Facebook Page.

This weekend we are starting off and probably ending with a huge release in Magic. The Mystery Boosters come out on Friday the 13th. Tempt the bad luck gods and try any of our 5 events for this crazy good limited format!



Along side our Mystery Booster Release, we have our ATC.... the ALMOST Team Championship that has a bunch of people from outside of the valley coming in to try their luck against our own local players. If Warmachine or Hordes is your game, this is probably going to be one of the best local events of the year.



Added to those two great events we have our Pokemon Standard Constructed event. If catching them all is something you need to do, than this is probably an event for you. Show up and show off with your amazing constructed decks!