Coming up this week we have some great events. One of which is of course our monthly X-Wing event. Fly on by and show off your ships in this competitive event!

To go along with our monthly event we also have our new Star Wars X-Wing League. This casual event is a great way to get back into the game or even just get to know more people that play the game.


Of course this weekend brings our monthly High Roller Magic Event on Friday night. Come on out and show off your standard deck to compete for it all.


While that may not be your cup of tea, we also are glad to announce our bi-monthly Pauper event on Thursday night! Bring out your commons and compete in a lower monetary investment style.


And then we want to introduce you to our new event on Tuesday Nights. To go along with our typical draft night we have set up a great Community Board Game Night. Come on out and ally up with other people. Show your pride and prove just how fabulous  you are at games!