To start our week off, we are continuing on with our Transformers TCG Wave 4 Release activities. We are launching our Wave 4 League. Come on in and talk to us for any information on the league.

And to keep that going on, we have a Constructed Transformers TCG event next Saturday. Bring in all your decks and have a good time swapping between them.

On the same day, we have our Star Wars: Legion Team event! Join your forces up with another members and really give the game a shot!

And of course, you know what goes with Star Wars? MOAR Star Wars! Our regularly scheduled X-Wing event swoops in on us as well.

Another great event for the Weekend is our Marvel Crisis Protocol Launch event. Show up and throw down with your favorite Avengers and learn this new complex, deep, and exciting game.


If you can't wait for the weeknd, swing by on Wednesday and lets get some Modern Horizons drafting on.