This next weekend we are hosting a bunch of great events! While December is always a bit more quiet with the holidays, we here at Power 9 Games are always trying to keep the lights on for you gamers.


Come on in on the 14th for our Oblivion Steameroller event. This is a Warmachine and Hordes  75 point, two list event with no D & C and with Deathclock in effect. Come on by and show off your lists.


If steampunk isn't your jam, and you are hooked on Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian, come on out for our Star Wars: Legion Escalation Event. The event is a great event for newer people in the hobby to really dip their toes into playing new people they haven't met before.


And as alwasy on our Saturdays we offer both Standard and Pioneer. So come on out and throw those cards down.