Refunds & Returns

TCG Preorder Cancellations

It's great to feel excited about the next upcoming release! Unfortunately, due to the limitations of ordering TCG products, we are no longer accepting preorder cancellations within 30 days of product release.

Our preorder requests are placed months in advance--and we encourage everyone to purchase the amount of product they want!--but please understand that the shifting landscape created by influencers and scalpers precludes us from offering refunds after a certain time.

Return Policy

Unopened merchandise may be returned or exchanged within 30 days with valid proof of purchase.

We do not accept returns on gift cards, trading card singles, trading card sealed product, dice, clearance items, or opened merchandise.

The Final Say

Power 9 Games reserves the right to refuse refunds or exchanges for any reason at any time. We do our best to offer great service and fair practices, but we recognize the language above is not all-encompassing. We ask that you give us the chance to work with you to make things right should an issue arise, but certain transactions are irreversible.

We appreciate your understanding.