Strixhaven preorder special!


Are your ready to head back to school?! The Strixhaven School of Mages is opening its doors, and wants you to pursue excellence in the magical discipline of your choosing! Preorders for the full suite of releases are available in-store and online, and if you reserve your boxes now, you can take advantage of our preorder special!

Get ahead of the class and grab your Collector and Set Boosters a week early during prerelease! Each booster pack contains at least one card from the vaunted Mystical Archive, alternate art reprints of the most iconic cards from throughout Magic's history!

Choose from the houses of Lorehold, Prismari, Quandrix, Silverquill, and Witherbloom with one of this year's Commander Decks, or save yourself some cash and grab all five at a discounted price!

Join us for our official Set Release! Select your curriculum of Drafts, Sealeds, or Two-Headed Giant events for the full weekend experience! See you there!

Our full series of events can be found by following the link below! See you at the table!


Time Spiral Remastered!


Welcome the new. Relive the great! Time Spiral Remastered revisits fan favorites with a curated set to immerse you in every moment! If you reserve your copy now, you can take advantage of our special preorder price and buy-a-box promo!

Grab yourself a Damnation, Goyf, Pact, or any of the other bombs and reprints available in the set! Confound your friends in an absolutely legendary draft environment, and join us for full Release Weekend!

Our full series of events can be found by following the link below! See you at the table!


Blog Series


Have you checked out our new weekly blog series?!

Join us each Thursday as we review one of our favorite hobbies, topics, or upcoming releases!

We're always looking for more content ideas and topic suggestions, so let us know what you like and what you want to see next!

Hit us up on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or hop into our Discord, and we'll see you soon!


Kaldheim draws near!


Get ready to raise your axe! The most METAL set in Magic's history is due to arrive, so steel your resolve as we travel to the brutal realm of Kaldheim!!

Preorders, including all forms of boxes, prerelease kits, and more, are available now in-store or online by clicking the image below! Early orders receive extra promo packs, buy-a-box promos and even extra packs!

Take part in our weeklong Kaldheim Prerelease, and get a preview of the set before we fire off our official Release event series! Full details can be found in the links below! See you at the table!

Magic the Gathering Seasonal Spectacular



Looking to add some spice to your decks for the holidays?! We've got all the latest MTG goodness in stock and available for pickup in-store or online!

Ready to pull some foil expedition fetch lands? We've got both Zendikar Rising Collector Packs and Gift Bundles!

Want to open up some serious heat and add firepower to your favorite Commander deck? Pick your favorite pack from Jumpstart or Commander Legends, browse our newly stocked singles selection, or pick up a Commander Collection green to add to your library!


Whatever you're looking for, we've got you covered, and we're happy to help you find some new synergies and recommendations! Stay safe, and we'll see you at the table!

Black Friday Weekend Long Sale!



With all the craziness going on this year, we're keeping things simple this Black Friday. 

Today (right now!) through Monday, we're offering 15% off everything in the store. 

Shop in-store or online at using the code: BlackFriday

Want a box of Indomitus for $170? BlackFriday. Zendikar Rising for less than a bill? BlackFriday. Commander Legends, Gundam Deathscythe, Tasha's Cauldron, Magic Singles, or any boardgame of your choosing? BlackFriday.

Stay safe, and we'll see you at the table!

December Store Update



We’re not closing things down, shutting our doors, or letting 2020 get the best of us.

This has been a challenging year, and the new directives passed down last evening push pause on many of the plans we had in store. But, we’re not going to let this pause bring those plans to a halt, and we’re not going to let it redefine who we are.
Times like these remind us of the importance of a place where you can meet up and share a laugh with your friends. Our playspace will remain open and free. Our dedication to our community and our people will continue unchanged.
We are reinstating some familiar guidelines that we need you to follow for the health and safety of us all. Our tables have been socially distanced, and our chairs spaced to no allow no more than four per group. We ask that you keep your mask up as much as possible.
We thank you for your continued patience, and appreciate your continued support. Together we’ll get through this. Stay safe, and we’ll see you at the table.
- your Power 9 crew

Are you ready for a draft experience like no other?!



Are you ready for a draft experience like no other?!

This Friday marks the start of our Commander Legends "Prerelease Week," where you can get a sneak peak at the upcoming set with a range of Prerelease Kit options!
Grab three packs--loaded with extra rares, legends, partners, and more!--and draft against your friends! Or, double your take-home, grab six packs and open more loot with a Sealed! Every registered player will receive a Sengir, the Dark Baron promo!
You can reserve your Kits in-store or online now at! Add some extras to your kit and upgrade to a prerelease bundle to properly sleeve your new cards at a hefty discount! Stay safe, and we'll see you at the table!

Commander Legends preorder special!



It's almost time for the Main Event of the Year of Commander!

Commander Legends is due to arrive this November 20th! Be there for a release weekend that will change the shape of EDH forever!

We are still running our preorder special, which includes two promo packs and a random BAB promo to thank you for your support! Pick up a Mechagodzilla, Ren and Seri, or something new with every regular or Collector's Edition booster box purchase!

You can reserve your copies now in-store or online at! Stay safe, and we'll see you at the table!

Looking for a place to play?



Looking for a place to play?

At Power 9 Games our gaming space is always open, with no reservation required!

Have you missed us? We've missed you! It is great to see so many of our regulars returning to our safe and socially distanced play area!

Our event schedule is ramping back up, and with so many new and familiar faces, we're excited to get back to what made our shop a home away from home!

We've done some redecorating, and added some improvements since the shutdown and can't wait to welcome you back! Stay safe, and we'll see you at the table!